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"ROAD TRIP, A Fold-out Adventure",

is a large accordian-style fold-out picture book that you can drive a matchbox-style toy car through. The "road" runs the length of the book. Completely opened up, the book is 29 feet wide by 8.5 inches tall.

"ROAD TRIP, A Fold-out Adventure",

is available on Amazon. However, my supply of books is getting low, and I want to do a second printing of

"ROAD TRIP, A Fold-out Adventure".

I designed the book for my two-year-old son, so it is filled with the many things that interested him at that  time.

As you look at the book, you can start at the beginning, middle, or end, moving in and out of the many adventures that are being offered as it unfolds.

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A variety of exciting and appealing things and places that a child will enjoy are revealed on every page. The road continues through the book with each scene seamlessly connecting to the next. 

The book has fifteen connected double fold-outs; each  28 inches wide by 8.75 inches tall, creating a single picture 29 feet long. 

I hope you enjoy this introduction to

"ROAD TRIP, A Fold-out Adventure".

Contact Amazon for your own copy of

"ROAD TRIP, A FOLD-Out Adventure"

(search: road trip a fold out adventure)


I am asking for your help to create a second printing of  

"ROAD TRIP, A FOLD-Out Adventure"

Your comments and suggestions, your collective wisdom and experience, and any thoughts regarding how I can make this second printing a reality will be deeply appreciated.

Bill Perry

I look forward to hearing from you.

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